Monday, September 8, 2008

Another UFO found

When I excavated the sewing room I found this fabric which had been cut into a kit for a kid's quilt. I started piecing a few sqs a day as I'm busy with my paid job at the moment.
I must get some more kits cut from my stash as it does make it easier to get some blocks sewn together quickly. I usually cut a few and then prepare some more later.
I guess that's a habit from my days of mainly hand appliqueing blocks.
I get inspiration from reading other blogs and see that some of you also prepare kits, so I think I'll get some made up when I get time.
This fabric was donated and will be made into a quilt for donation. Off to work again. Hugs JJ


Mary said...

I love these little windmill blocks - I have the template too but I wasn't particularly fond of the quilt I ended up of those designs that didn't quite work so one of these days I'll try again.

mereth said...

Yep, kitting up quilts is a great timesaver for when you're working and need something quick to sew. I like to cut for two or three different projects when I'm in the mood, then I can sew the blocks in the morning before I go to work.
Hope you're enjoying blogging, it's just like keeping a diary and you met the nicest people!

Sue H said...

I see you just started your blog. It's very nice, and fun reading what going on so far away! I too have this little windmill templates, but I haven't tried them yet.