Sunday, December 5, 2021

A Flurry of Finishes.

It's been a busy week of quilting donated tops and this first fabulous hexagon top was made by Jan Lock and the binding fabric was donated by Vikki and Lauris Hope (Vic)
The Somerville Stitchers (Vic) donated this pretty purple and teal top in a Disappearing 9 Patch design.
This large quilt was made from floral squares cut to 5 inches and it's an older UFO so it's good to have it ready to donate. 
Margaret Fleming (Vic) donated the lovely bright top .
This first lovely QAYG quilt was made from blocks donated by Marie Lee and the Victorian Quilter's Association. 

This second QAYG quilt also included blocks from Mary Anne Rooney (Vic) and the "fox" blocks were donated by Maia Butler from NSW. 

Jan Rhodes and the Sunnybank Quilters from Qld donated the next lovely UFO top which I finished as a baby play mat.

Lynne Kempnich from Tasmania also donated a cute baby quilt top she had started and I button hole stitched around all of the fused appliqued pieces and finished it for another cute play mat for a baby. 


This last top was also donated by the Somerville Stitchers (Vic) and it's another lovely quilt for a child.
Thank you so much for your generous support everyone. 
Hugs, Jan Mac 

Saturday, December 4, 2021

Many Thanks Mary Anne, Norma, Bronwen and Kathie

More fabulous donations have arrived with Norma Vinnicombe (Vic) sending 4 lovely hand knitted teddies. 
Mary Anne Rooney (Vic) donated 40 lovely QAYG blocks and some soap pouches.
Kathie Williamson (Vic) sent a large number of donations including  3 boxes of buttons,  one of marbles and 1 of sewing notions.
She also sent 2 fluffy pillows, 2 large dolls, a hobby horse and 10 soft toys.
Kathie also sent some new clothes, 8 beautifully hand knitted jumpers, 3 pair of booties and 7 knitted beanies. 

She also included a large bag of knitting tarn to knit more jumpers for teddy bears. 
Bronwen McCoy (Vic) dropped off Kathie's donations as well as her 3 beautiful quilts and 12very cute teddy bears with the hand knitted jumpers she'd made. 

The teddy bear rescue will be an ongoing project as they have been very well received by the organisations we support so keep an eye out if you're Op shopping please.

Hugs, Jan Mac 


Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Many Thanks Sandra, Lynell and Sue.

Lynell Jendra from Qld has been very busy sewing and has sent a box packed with lovely soap pouches and sanitary pad pouches.
Sandra Jahnke (Vic) donated this beautiful bright quilt, 2 beautifully knitted blankets and some household linen. 

Sue Ross (Vic) sent another parcel containing 2 cute teddy bears, 9 beautifully knitted beanies and 2 cute face washers and soap for babies.
Thanks so much for your generous donations of time and items to help others.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Saturday, November 27, 2021

Many Thanks Jenny W.

Jenny Wallis from Victoria donated this lovely Christmas quilt, a large bag of toiletries, a

 pack of pencils and sharpener, and 9 lovely Santa Sacks. 


Thanks so much Jenny for these lovely items which will soon be delivered to disadvantaged families. 

Hugs, Jan Mac 

Friday, November 26, 2021

Many Thanks Beyond Meander Quilting.

Sharon Siacci of Beyond Meander Quilting has very generously donated her time by professionally Quilting some of the larger donated tops for Oz Comfort Quilts.  The first beautiful quilt top was donated by Diane Cutting from the ACT.
Norma Vinnicombe (Vic) donated this beautiful King sized quilt top as well as batting.
Beryl Webb (Vic) donated this beautiful queen sized quilt top in pinks.
This lovely grey top was donated with backing but the name has come detached  so if you recognise it please let me know so that I can add your name to the label. 

 Leslie Schwartz (Vic) donated this beautiful bright quilt top in orange, yellow and black. 

Sharon's quilting really enhances the quilt tops and if you need a quilt finished then I am very happy to recommend Sharon. She is based at Ashburton,  s suburb of Melbourne. 

It's lovely to see so many large tops finished for donation.

Hugs, Jan Mac 

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Many Thanks Lesley, Cathy, Maia and Maret.

This week donations have arrived from Cathy Bruton (Vic) who donated some lovely craft items for kids, such as pencil cases,  colouring pencils and sticker books, as well as a lovely cot quilt and 20 Santa Sacks. 

Lesley Lowe is a long-term supporter of Oz Comfort Quilts and she has sent another large box containing 2 dolls, 2 rabbit soft toys, 13 knitted teddies,  2 knitted rattles, a bag of angora wool, 8 beanies, 1 tote bag, 13 drawstring bags,  a cot quilt top and some orphan blocks. 

Maia and Maret Butler from NSW have sent another large box of hand knitted items and this time they sent 6 baby blankets, 2 beanies and 15 jumpers/ jackets. Their beautifully knitted items will be much appreciated by families to keep their babies/toddlers warm.

Thank you all so much for your generous donations and support.  I'm having a quiet week as I  caught a viral chest infection,  thankfully not Covid, but I hope to be busy quilting again soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Monday, November 22, 2021

A Flurry of Finishes.

I have been busy finishing as many  donations as possible before the organisations close to donations over the Christmas break and I wanted to make room for more finishes. I finished 4 baby burp cloths.
This circular top was donated by Jan Rhodes and the Sunnybank Quilters from Qld and I finished it as a baby play mat but it  might have started out to be a circular tablecloth. 
More teddies received their new knitted jumpers. 
Laurel Box and the Stitching Sisters from Berwick (Vic) donated the next top.
Cathy Bruton  (Vic) donated the next pretty floral quilt top, batting and backing.
Marie Lee and the Victorian Quilter's Association donated the next quilt top which had been basted for quilting. 
Cathy Bruton  (Vic) donated the cute cot quilt top with a seaside theme and I found a cute whale print flannelette which I used for the backing.
The Stitching Sisters donated the next pretty top.
Marie Lee and the Victorian Quilter's Association donated the next beautiful top which had been basted for quilting too.
Robin Walker and the Fishbowler Sewists from Tasmania donated the next 3 tops. 

Lyz Kershaw (Vic) donated the next cute top for a child. 
The next top was also from the Fishbowler Sewists. 
Lots of finishes and more to come soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac