Saturday, June 3, 2023

Fabulous Quilts.

Sharon Siacci of Beyond Meander Quilting is a very generous supporter of Oz Comfort Quilts and she has donated another 3 beautiful quilts as well as quilting 7 donated tops, and  knitting 4 pair of knitted socks for newborns. Sharon also donated a large bag of backing fabrics which I have already started to use.

Helen Boyce donated the next 3 beautiful tops which have been beautifully quilted by Sharon Siacci. 

Jenni Rose donated the next lovely large top which was beautifully quilted by Sharon Siacci. 
Jo-anne Starr has donated the next expertly pieced top which has also been quilted by Sharon Siacci. 
The next lovely top was also quilted by Sharon. 
Jeanette Mitchell donated 4 pair of socks for newborns. 
Sharon Siacci also knitted 4 pair of socks for newborns. 
Di Kenny donated the next beautiful top which was also beautifully quilted by Sharon Siacci. 
Quilts for Orphans donated 12 fabulous large quilts which will also be soon giving warm hugs to people in need. 

Many thanks for your generous donations and support everyone. 
Hugs, Jan Mac xx 


Lots of Lovely Donations.

I've been sick with a sinus infection this week so I am a bit behind again with acknowledging donations.  Maria Wilson from WA has very generously donated $100 towards batting costs.

Margaret Brown and the Nicola Court Quilters have been busy and have donated 43 bibs, 37 Santa Sacks and 49 drawstring bags.  Margaret also made 12 burp cloths, 3 knitted beanies, a beautifully knitted baby's blanket and a large number of batting squares.  Nada Kozic also donated 6 rolls of knit fabric and some bags of wadding.

Barbara Black and the Monday Quilters have been very busy sewing and have made 43 Santa Sacks and an incredible 230 drawstring bags. 

Kathie Williamson has been very busy knitting and has donated 8 warm scarves,  10 beanies and quite a few baby's wraps.
Karen Barrett from Qld has sent a lovely bright fabric that I can use to cover logos on donated school and Ambulance jackets.

I have more quilts to photograph too and hope to catch up soon.
Hugs, Jan Mac xx 


Friday, June 2, 2023

Happy Birthday Aidan.

Our precious grand son, Aidan, was 4 on Wednesday and it hardly seems very long since his birth.

He's fearless and has boundless energy which means that someone is on "Aidan duty" if we're out as he climbs and runs non-stop. 

He's growing into a very caring little boy who loves lots of cuddles, playing with lego and puzzles and reading books.
He's just getting over a nasty cold but we had a lovely day to celebrate his special day.
Hugs, Jan Mac xx 


Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Lesley Lowe and the Kyabram quilters have donated 45 beautifully knitted beanies.
Kaye Hardman and friends have donated 11 teddies with their custom made jumpers, 3 small knitted teddies, 5 beanies and 2 pair of knitted booties.
There will be lots of children receiving warm hugs from their new quilts as well as their teddy bears.

Hugs, Jan Mac XX


More Arrivals.

More parcels have arrived from very generous quilters with Corrie Sebire (NSW) sending 5 large postal bags containing 2 lovely quilts as well as a large amount of fabulous fabric. I've only shown the contents of 2 of the bags and there was a large amount of Christmas themed fabric as well to make more Santa Sacks for kids in foster care.
Marģo Barber from Tasmania has sent another large parcel containing 3 beautiful quilts as well as 9 pair of newborn socks as well as 20 beanies for babies.
Sue Shears from NSW has donated 2 lovely quilts and Helen Moll from NSW has donated 30 lovely QAYG blocks to make another quilt.
Chris Finch and her mother, Valerie, have donated 11 lovely quilts as well as a top and a block holder.
Thank you all so much for your generous donations and support everyone.
Hugs, Jan Mac Xx