Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Many Thanks Murray Mallee Quilters and Other Generous Donors.

More wonderful donations have arrived from very generous donors. Faye Hender and the Murray Mallee Quilters have sent a large bag of fabric as well as 8 beautiful quilts and 6 tote bags. Wendy Yates has sent 12 very cute cloth dolls and 6 crocheted baby jackets. Annette Brown has sent 3 lovely baby jackets and Sue's mum has sent 11 cloth teddy bears. All of these lovely donations were couriered by Annette Pearce and Wendy Fry.
Lyz Kershaw has donated another 3 beautiful quilts as well as a large number of QAYG blocks, 7 pencil cases, and drawstring bags.
Annette Pearce has donated 2 lovely quilt tops, 3 drawstring bags, 4 tote bags and a large amount of school supplies.

The first 3 quilts were made by Lyz Kershaw.

Pencil cases, QAYG blocks and bags below by Lyz.

Kaye Hardman and Wendy Fry donated a large amount of school supplies as well as some magnified reading glasses for Sri Lanka.
Annette Pearce donated the school supplies, tote bags, drawstring bags and 2 tops shown below.

Many thanks everyone for your generous and ongoing support.

Hugs, Jan Mac xx

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