Saturday, November 18, 2023

Lots Of Wonderful Donations

This week's donations included 2 lovely cot blankets made by Heather Russell. Dymphne Anderson has donated another 12 soft toys.
Kaye Hardman has made 13 pair of track/ pyjama pants from donated fabric. 
Helen Stewart has donated 16 lovely QAYG blocks. 
Jill Khong has made another 18 Santa Sacks as well as knitting 23 jumpers for donated bears and Lucy Peacock donated another 11 teddy bears. 
Sue Ross sent another large parcel containing a lovely quilt top,  6 knitted beanies,  8 burp cloths, 9 cute library bags,  6 baby wraps, and a large amount of wool and fabric.

 Many thanks everyone for your support. 

Hugs, Jan Mac xx 

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