Sunday, September 18, 2022

Quilts For Family and Thanks To Helen and Kathie.

I make a large children's quilt for all the new arrivals in our extended family and I have finally caught up and delivered the last one for Will who has just turned one.
I've also helped our daughter,  Stephanie,  to make a quilt for our sweet granddaughter,  Sophie. 
She loves all fabric and loved studying the different elephant themed fabrics. Loving fabric must be genetic as she just squeals with delight and wanders around the house patting fabric she likes. I can see a future quilter in the making. Stephanie sewed the quilt and I pressed, cut the fabric and then quilted it so it came together quickly. 
More donations have arrived with another large parcel from Kathie Williamson, containing 2 lovely warm scarves, toiletries,  new undies for children and many baby wraps and blankets. 
Helen Moll donated 2 lovely quilt tops for children as well as a large amount of lovely QAYG blocks to make more warm quilts to comfort those in need.
Many thanks everyone for your generous donations and support. 

Hugs, Jan Mac 


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