Thursday, August 4, 2022

Not Done Yet.

This flu has taken its toll and I thought that I was over the worst earlier this week and then the sore throat and cough worsened and fatigue set in as I spent more time coughing than sleeping. What a nuisance! I have a retreat with quilting friends organised for the next 4 days but don't have the energy to sew, let along pack my bags, so I  might just have to continue resting at home. Reading and knitting are happening in between nanna naps.

    Cathy Bruton and the Inverloch Chatty Crafters have donated a bag of gently used shoes for children, 29 drawstring bags,  8 pairs of hand made pyjamas made from donated fabric, 8 knitted premmie jackets,  19 Santa Sacks,  and a soap pouches.

Jo Scorey donated 2 beautifully knitted baby blankets,  5 beanies, 4 knitted baby jackets, 2 pair of knitted booties and a lovely quilt. 

Pat Biggs and the Patchwork Collections Yarra Valley Quilters have donated a large number of quilts and these beautiful  quilts are the first 15 that I have photographed.

So many people are going to love receiving these beautiful quilts. 
Thank you so much everyone for your generous support. 
Hugs, Jan Mac 


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Helen said...

Beautiful quilts by so many generous people.