Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Visiting Wairewa and More Finishes.

We're back home after a few days away delivering quilts to the Wairewa community in East Gippsland and we enjoyed bush camping in the valley nearby. Twenty four quilts were delivered with 20 going to Wairewa families and 4 more to Buchan families who weren't ready to accept quilts last time we visited them.
I've also been busy quilting more tops for AQA and these lovely tops were made by members of my quilting group. 

We haven't been able to hold meetings since February last year and it was lovely to hold an informal gathering in a park last week and I also handed over another 15 Oz Comfort Quilts to Foster Carers of Victoria as well as receiving more donations, which I will share tomorrow. 

 Hugs, Jan Mac 


Linda said...

So glad you have been able to restart dispensing the Bushfire quilts. Well done.

ButterZ said...

Fantastic job Jan

kiwikid said...

Great to hear you have been able to make deliveries. That is an amazing trestle bridge.