Sunday, June 24, 2018

My Super Hero.

 I was absolutely blown away when the postman delivered these 4 fabulous finished quilts from Maria W. in Western Australia. Maria is a prolific quilter and supports many good causes so I am blessed that she has sent finished quilts for my quilt project for the Peter Mac Cancer Centre. These lovely quilts will certainly lift the spirits of their recipients and keep them warm while they are having treatment.
 Maria has very kindly made 2 more Super Hero quilts, as requested by Peter Mac for their children, and she has backed them with a lovely warm and cudfly fleece.

 Thanks so much for your support for thus project, Maria.  You are very busy too and my Super Hero as, although I bought the fabric,  I still haven't made the hero quilts for them. They will be thrilled with them, as I am, and you will bring smiles to the parents as well as the kids.
Feeling blessed. Hugs, Jan Mac. 


Linda said...

Congratulations to Maria on making four lovely quilts. They will make four people very happy.

Maria said...

I enjoy sewing and it is with Love ❤️ i make them and send to you Jan.
Only hope they help in a small way.