Friday, March 24, 2017

Debulking The Stash

 I've had a fabulous few days in Melbourne going to the Adele concert with my DD. We were very lucky to get tickets and it was a wonderful concert despite the crowds when we left. There was also more baby shopping and we bought fabric to make cot sheets and cute fabric with animals to trim them.
    I've also been busy going through the stash of fabric I still need to move and I've been cutting up lots and lots of fabric using my Go Cutter and the larger Tumbler shape. Usually I save all the scraps to use up too but I have so many that I am ditching them if they are smaller than an inch wide.
 I thought it would be easier to transport tumbler shapes rather than piles of fabric and it's a great way to use up some of my much older fabric. I have been gifted with fabric too over the years and while I can't spread my sewing out at the moment, I can at least cut Tumblers and stockpile them for when I have time to sew.
I can't throw out larger scraps though and I am using them to make into Tumbler shapes by stitching them on foundation paper using old phone book pages. Then I run them through the Go Cutter and I have some usable pieces to work with. I have also been cutting some smaller Tumblers to make a quilt for myself one day, although I will probably donate it as well. LOL
Back to the stash.
Hugs, Jan Mac


margaret said...

how good to see Adele in concert trust she did not swear too much. liking the strips being used for tumblers, only the other day Linda another blogger gave me the tip about using telephone book pages for strip blocks and now you are doing the same thing

Marijke said...

I love the tumblers Jan, I cut a lot and had to put them together now .I use a lot batik fabric.I made the strip block always on telephone book pages so much easier .I saw it on facebook .

Linda said...

Glad you enjoyed the Adele concert. She is now in Auckland. Well done using up those scraps. The tumblers are a good idea.