Sunday, January 1, 2017

Let's Welcome 2017.

 Happy new Year to all of my blogging friends and many thanks for your kind comments and support throughout the years. The census seems to be that 2016 was a tough year and many are glad it's over. I try not to wish the years away but hope that this coming year holds many blessings for us all, including good health, good friends, lots of laughter and many quilts finished.
   I have long held the belief that what you spend time doing on the first day of the year will be what the year holds for you. I'm very hopeful that my days will be filled with lots more hand quilting and vintage quilts so I have finished the cross stitch on a vintage quilt kit I purchased. Working only in the evenings, it's only taken me a week or so to stitch one block and I have 5 more to go. I might make it with sashings or add alternate pieced blocks to make a larger quilt.
 I also have been busy unpicking a damaged quilt with plans to remove the most damaged blocks and remake some with parts from the discards. The quilting was simply 1 inch apart on the diagonal across the quilt and it was a utility quilt so not heavily quilted.
   I also worked on hand quilting this fragment of a quilt and will share that, and the history of the quilters named, in a post very soon. I hope to have more restorations to share very soon as well and I guess tomorrow will see us back to painting another bedroom. Progress is being made but the heat is not helping.
Hugs, Jan Mac


jacaranda said...

Happy New Year to you also, looking forward to your 2017 posts on your blog.

Maria said...

Wishing your family and you a Very Happy and Healthy 2017

Pleased you are enjoying doing some nice vintage stitching....

Linda said...

Happy 2017 to you, Jan. I love reading your posts, love hearing about what you have been doing and enjoy all your quilt photos.