Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hexagons Again

 I haven't been working on my hexies since we returned home so it was time to get some more stitched together and share my progress. The first hexies are 1" and the pattern is from Di Ford Hall's book, The pattern is Maggie Grace's Garden and I'm using a Robyn Pandolph jelly roll.
The second hexies are half inch in size and this is my version of the Insanity Quilt by Rhonda Pearce. I have started a Facebook page for people making this pattern and we now have over 700 members. A lot report that they are only starting this quilt because of the support of the group so that's a very nice thing to happen- spreading hexie madness. I haven't worked on this one while we were away and I have lots to catch up with now. I have stitched 10.8% of the 10.339 hexagons required so a long way to go yet.
Back to stitching. I should be cleaning too but I'm too tired after working nights and I'm sure it will wait until I feel like it.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Grit said...

Your hexie work is so wonderful.

Maria said...

The hexie projects are looking great, Jan!

margaret said...

was wondering how the hexies were coming along, wow the tiny ones must be fiddly, I am about to cut out some 2" ones should go together much quicker than yours

Jan Mac said...

Thanks for your lovely comments, friends. Margaret I think using 2" hexies is very sensible and will be much quicker.