Friday, December 13, 2013

I Rode a Camel!

Look No Hands!
 We spent some time in the desert over near the Pakistan border and rode camels across the sand dunes to view the sun setting. Once you get in the rhythm it's a rather pleasant experience but I asked the camel boss to just let us walk as I didn't want to be madly struggling to hang on while I bumped and bounced across the desert. There is only a thin strap to hold on to and we were lucky to have stirrups as many didn't have them.

 We rode for about 45 minutes and then rested on the soft, white sand while we waited for the sun to descend.
It was a fun experience and another one to mark off my Bucket List. I'm still cleaning up and getting ready for Christmas but I am also getting my sewing projects ready for some intensive sewing.
It seems like a long time since we left India but it's only been 5 days. It's surprising how quickly things get back to normal at home again. I hope you are all more prepared for Christmas than I am at the moment.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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