Tuesday, April 7, 2009

180 Quilts

Here's the car packed full with quilts before we set off for Kinglake. I managed to get 180 quilts in and they have all gone to good homes so now we're back to sewing and quilting madly to get the next lot done so we can spread some more cheer to the bush fire affected areas. You could see the strain the people are under as they try to rebuild their communities and hopefully the quilts have brought some comfort. The kids were very happy to hug a quilt and there were smiles on all their faces as they made their way home. The mums who came to pick them up from school were also happy to see the kids' smiles and they thanked us too. Now we want to get more quilts out to the older kids and parents and older members of those communities.
On a different note, DH's biopsy result wasn't what we'd hoped for and we are now waiting for more results so we can discuss treatment options. Seeing the kids at Kinglake was a life-affirming day for us as we focused on others.
Please keep us in your prayers as we face the challenges ahead. I have a quilter's convention to attend after Easter and I did plan to cancel going but he wants me to go off and catch up with my quilting friends. I've put everything into place with the Dr's appointments etc so we'll can't do any more until we hear from them.


Yvonne said...

Have fun at your quilting conference---and hope Ray will be all right. Hugs and prayers comin' at you!

btw, DD Liz is in Africa on holiday at the moment. She tried to drag me along, but too much going on right now for that. Next trip will be Australia, though. Tom almost has enough vacation time built up! I'll think of you as we tour your lovely country! ;-)

Scrappy-Quilter said...

WOW!! what a wonderful thing you are all doing to help those who are struggling to smile. These bright and lovely quilts are just what they need. A Quilted HUG!!
thanks for visiting my blog. Love yours!

amandajg said...

Wow Jan what a lot of work you have been putting in. So far I have made more than 50 blocks to send you and some binding as well. I was all sent to send the parcel when this week Spotlight in NZ started a sale..... so I have some more plain colours to make more binding.
Someday I will get this posted to you!

shelia said...

That is so fantastic. What a blessing you are to your fellow countryman. I'll be holding you all up in prayer!
blessings shelia