Monday, February 9, 2009

Some Days I Just Have to Sew

It was my birthday on Saturday and we had the hottest weather and most severe bushfires ever in Australia. The temperatures were 47 deg C or 116 deg F. There was a very hot wind and we were lucky to have power still on and the AC working.
Unfortunately the fire wiped out some towns in my state ( Victoria) without warning and so far the death toll is 126 and rising. We live in a rural area where it is also tinder dry so we have done what we can to protect our home and now we have to pray that we also don't have some idiot lighting fires here.
The air is still smoke-filled and I have a taste of smoke in my mouth but I'm very grateful that we are safe and not near the immediate danger areas.
We've been watching all the news broadcasts etc and now I've decided that it's not useful to sit and worry about what has happened. We have donated money to help those affected and I have quilts on hand if they are needed for victims but I have started to work on a new project to take my mind off things. It's not healthy to focus on negative things for too long when there is little I can do at the moment. so I'm relying on my useful form of stress release by playing with fabric.
I've started making Spiderweb blocks using Bonnie's pattern at Quiltville. I love that I can use tiny pieces to good affect.
I've also put together the donated blocks I was given last week and now I'm off to bind some quilts. At least the weather is cooler now.
Hugs to all.


Carol E. said...

I just looked at a map of the fires so I could figure out where they are, but I don't really know where my Aussie friends live, except for one. I'm glad to hear you are OK. You have a healthy plan to reduce the worry. I am so sorry for the terrible thing happening in your country.

Mary Johnson said...

I'm also very sorry to hear about the fires and deaths of so many. Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't this make you feel connected to your forebears? Making quilts is what women of many generations have done while they waited to see what the bad news would be. Your strings look great!