Thursday, July 12, 2018

Very Happy Day.

 There's been a flurry of quilting over the last few days and I am very happy to report that I dropped off another 20 quilts to Anglicare today. They were thrilled with them and they will go to comfort and warm, kids in foster care. I was only able to get so many finished thanks to the many tops which have been donated by my blog readers.

 The quilts are all different and will be loved by the kids. I'm starting on the next lot for them and hope to have another 20 to donate to the kids for Christmas. I also have 17 ready for Peter Mac and plan to get another 3 done soon so I can deliver another 20 to them. So far, we have donated 97 there so we will pass our pledged 100 quilts and will keep making and donating to Peter Mac.
 I also heard today that the beanies, blankets and quilts have reached their destination in New Guinea. A family member delivered as many as they could fit in their luggage and the rest will go in September. Thanks to your help we made and sent 47 beanies for various ages, 6 blankets and 4 quilts. The boxes weighed 8.5kgs so not all went this time.
     They were very happy with everything we sent and have asked for more beanies and baby blankets, which will be taken up in September.  If you have time to knit beanies or crochet blanket squares, I  can join the squares into blankets.
   The last photo shows the latest UFO I am finishing now. I have finished hand stitching the appliqued pieces and have now started cutting fabric to make 12 blocks to surround the central block. This one will be donated to Peter Mac too and more importantly it will get another of my UFOs finished and into use.
   It's been a happy day to hear how much the quilts are appreciated so I will keep quilting as much as time allows.
Many thanks for your help and support.
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Maria said...

All quilts are fantastic.....
Your block looks beautiful, nice for you to do some hand work.

Linda said...

So many different quilts, no wonder Anglicare were thrilled when you arrived with 20! Pleased to hear your goodies arrived in New Guinea.
Well done to everyone involved with these projects.