Wednesday, June 20, 2018

A Long Time In The Making.

 While looking for fabric to finish off the previous ancient UFO, I found this one from that same time period. It's good quilt shop quality fabric and a fairly easy pattern to show off the African style focus fabric.  This is what I found- 3 pieced blocks finished and 1 almost finished, as well as 3 blocks of the focus fabric.  There are only 8 pieced blocks and 7 focus fabric blocks for the quilt, so not a lot of stitching required. I think it wasn't finished was because I wasn't making it with a specific purpose.
   It will make a nice quilt for a male at Peter Mac Cancer Centre.  The colours are a rust red/brown and dark purple in the stripes and 4 patches so the photos, taken at night, don't give a good indication of colour.
  This afternoon, while Jake slept, I  finished off the 4th block and made the 5th, as well as cutting and piecing for the remaining blocks. I'm hoping to finish piecing it tomorrow and then get it ready for quilting in the next few days.
      Twenty five years is a lonv time for it to remain as a UFO but it will soon be finished and making more room in the cupboards.  I'm feeling very excited to have such long-term UFOs being finished and resisting starting any new projects until I get a few more finished. Wish me luck!
Hugs, Jan Mac 


Linda said...

You are really motoring with these old UFOs. Amazing you managed to get a little sewing done whilst Jake was sleeping. ��

Maria said...

Definitely a great Blokey quilt and god to have an old UFO done.