Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Simpson Desert Trip Continues

 Most people have a misconceived idea about the Simpson Desert and its landscape and expect all large sand dunes, like the Sahara. It varies a lot though with lots of sand dunes but also scrubby trees growing in between them and some areas of long grass. There are plenty of places to free camp and avoid other groups, despite being there at a busy time. This is a small hill which you can climb to overlook the surrounding area and salt lakes.
 There are quite a few salt lakes on the eastern side and they need to be crossed carefully as they can have an apparently hard layer but it soon sinks to mud.

 Our beautiful DD2  at 32 weeks pregnant. She handled the conditions well, although the track was much rougher than last year and on the rougher parts she rode in our car for a smoother ride. I'm a midwife and as she's had a very uneventful first pregnancy, and we had made the crossing 3 times, I was sure she would be fine. We were happy to have made the crossing though without any mishaps.
 A lot of the sand dunes are like this, bare on top but grass on the slopes and between the dunes.
 We brought our camper trailer so the expectant mother would have a comfortable bed.
 It did mean that we had to help them over 4 or 5 dunes, which was a lot less than we expected. LOL

 We saw some fabulous sunsets out in the desert.

We enjoyed it so much we are thinking of taking the trip again next year.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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