Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Full Swing.

 After working nights again and painting furniture, it was time to get busy again with making quilts to donate to Peter Mac Cancer Centre. I found a couple of bags of QAYG blocks when I was moving boxes and sorting sewing things in the shed so it was timely that I could make more QAYG quilts.
  As they had been stored in the shed for a while and they will be donated to Peter Mac, I have washed the blocks before working with them to make sure they are suitable for the patients.

 I found a pile of random QAYG blocks which worked together nicely to make another quilt for a child.
Having a pile of ready to go QAYG blocks makes it much easier to get quilts finished quickly and I hope to get what I have on hand here to make room for the next production pile. I was happy that I had rested my hands for a while as it does take a strain on them when pushing them through the machine.
   We've had more house inspections and are off to Melbourne again for a week or so as our DD starts maternity leave next week and we still have lost of work to do to unpack things at our other home.
I still have cot sheet sets etc to make so I can see we will be busy up until the baby arrives.
   Thnaks for stopping by.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Maria said...

Fabulous work getting all those blocks together into four Quilts.
QAYG Quilts always look great.
I'm sure you'll get the baby 👶 things made as well as the painting.

marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

I,m glad your hand is so much better Jan .love the quilts .so bussy again .

Linda said...

What a fabulous quartet of finished quilts. They are bright and cheerful and will be much appreciated, I'm sure. Well done, Jan.

Michele Hill said...

You are simply amazing Jan......lotsof hugs on this very chilly winter's day xxx

Sheila said...

Wonderful quilts. Sure to bring warmth and comfort.
Congratulations! Babies are so sweet. A gift from God. I hope all goes well, dear.

margaret said...

the more I see scrap quilts the more I love them these are so so good and I know will be so appreciated by the poorly people who receive them.
It will be good when you can finally move to your new home for good, how long before the baby is due? you must be getting excited. I can remember as though it was yesterday when Sal my GD was born and she is now 19