Thursday, March 3, 2016

Today's Special Delivery.

Today I met with the lovely Lesley L. from Rochester, as she had a large number of QAYG blocks to deliver. Lesley very kindly acts as a go-between, taking my batting scraps to Bev D. and returning the huge number of finished squares from Bev D. of Bendigo. Other quilters from Rochester and Ky Valley donate fabric scraps for Bev to make into blocks. She is always looking for more batting scraps so if you have any you care to donate, they will be very useful to make more QAYG blocks.
    Despite the heat this afternoon, I pushed through and quilted another donation top for my Melbourne quilting group. Our next meeting is on Monday so I hope to have at least 6 to deliver then.  They will then be donated to Peter Mac for cancer sufferers or to a group which helps support kids in Foster Care.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Jo said...

Amazing. Keep up the good work

Joy V said...

Jan that's great - you still haven't stopped have you? Always making quilts for others - do you ever get the time for yourself?