Saturday, December 12, 2015

What Makes Your Heart Sing?

 I love making quilts! For me the joy is in the making, not the owning and that is how I am able to spend so much of my time making lovely quilts and then giving them to people who couldn't afford them. I have the fun of playing with beautiful (or even ugly fabrics and making them into something beautiful) fabrics, trying new designs and not having to store all of the quilts. I am a fast worker. In fact I find that is embarrassing when taking a class, and I try to slow down but I just can't. I've been quilting since 1978 so I have had lots of practice and I guess that's one reason I am so productive. My other love with quilting is finishing off other people's UFOs. You know those projects that you have lost interest in, well I love to finish them and donate them. I won't necessarily finish them as you intended but they will be finished and bring joy to others.
    My other passion is to find those vintage pieces which are UFOs, or tops in need of repair and I love to finish them and bring them back to life. However I can't part with any of these vintage pieces. I love to examine these treasures and find how the quilter has eked out her supply of fabric by piecing many small pieces just to have enough to make a block. The use of color and their faded beauty make my heart sing.
     Yesterday we were shown some beautiful vintage quilts and there was so much to love about each of them. I was in quilting heaven. The last two photos are of some of the Show and Tell of the Castlemaine Appliqué Group members. It was a lovely day to meet up with quilting friends and I always come home energized and inspired and of course with a few purchases from Corliss's quilt shop, Threadbear.
    I hope you are enjoying your weekend too.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Beautiful quilts are shown .so much work and love into them .
Thanks for sharing the photo,s Jan .Hugs Marijke