Sunday, December 13, 2015

I Thought I'd Finished.

I really should be getting things ready for our family Christmas, buying presents, cooking,cleaning and all of those fun things. I thought I had made enough donation quilts and was running out of time. However, this afternoon I had a couple of hours spare so couldn't resist making another QAYG quilt. These blocks are a mix of the donated blocks I received recently so if you look closely you might be able to identify the blocks you've sent.
    I broke a tooth tonight and luckily I already had a dental appointment for the morning so hope to get that fixed and arrange to deliver the quilts and blankets to a local charity. I might get time to make one or two more but 2 blankets and 5 quilts will still be a nice number to donate if time runs out.
   Many thanks to all of you generous quilters who made and donated the blocks. Some needy people will really appreciate the gift from your hearts.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Fire Bird said...

Hi Jan, are you still happy to receive blocks? I'd love to keep making them for you if you are, just hate putting the things together!

Jan Mac said...

Yes Penelope, I would love any donations of blocks. I took a short break from donation quilts but it's my passion so I'm back to it. Many thanks, Jan

Jan Mac said...

Sorry Penel, auto correct changed your name to Penelope. Lol