Sunday, September 27, 2015

Two Quilts and a Dress.

 I started the day with a 8.7 km walk with our youngest DD. Of course we talked non stop so the time went quickly. It's been so lovely to spend time together and I did manage to finish making the strapless lace dress, with a boned bodice, so I only gave to hem it now.
    When she left for home after lunch I decided to quilt a few more tops. The first one was a donated top from my Melbourne quilt group which we had pinned at our Gift Quilt Day, so I cross hatched the quilt using my domestic sewing machine.
    The second one was a cot panel donated to my Melbourne quilt group as well so it will also be donated to some needy people. I also made a few more QAYG blocks and hope to have enough made to put together another quilt tomorrow.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

what a beautiful dress and color Jan.
the quilts are very nice .
hugs Marijke