Saturday, July 19, 2014

Not Quite Quilting.

 There's been a bit of time to stitch some more hexies and my first Insanity Quilt is progressing nicely. I've joined 35 diamonds together and have made 49 diamonds of 158 needed. The totals for flowers, red borders and multi-coloured borders remain unchanged and I have stitched 289 of the required 5389 neutral hexies. I have stitched a total of 981 hexies of 10,339 which is 9.5% of the quilt. I'd better get busy stitching some more now.
 I also prepped another applique block for my Chester County Criswell Quilt and this is Block 21. I started it last night and it's more than half finished so I plan to start another one as soon as this one is done. I'm still behind and as I don't plan on taking the blocks with me on our next trip, I still have quite a few to catch up with before the next blocks are posted by Sharon of Two Bits Patches. Of course, if I make/find time to prep more blocks I could take them with me and get more done.
I also stitched new covers for cushions for our camper as we leave for cape York in 8 day's time. We are getting our supplies sorted and I have more night shifts to work first so I was pleased to have finished the two cushion covers as well as two curtains. I'll be able to make up the bed tomorrow and then will make out the menus and work out how much food to take. It's been very cold and wet here so we're looking forward to some warmer weather. It's been 8 years since our last trip there and we are going with 3 other vehicles this time so we are sure to have fun.
Hugs, Jan Mac


margaret said...

the hexies look good but so many more to stitch. Wonder if you are aiming to finish by a certain time, no doubt you will do some whilst away, that is what is so good about hand stitching you can get up and go with it. have a lovely time away

Anja Schmidt said...

Have a nice trip, Jan and keep away from all the dangerous animals!

Have fun,