Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Valencia and Beating the Siesta Clock.

We've taken the fast train on some routes and the regional, slower train at times to just enjoy the scenery. We enjoyed our time in Spain's warmer weather but found it difficult to find restaurants open when we wanted our evening meal, as they open much later than we prefer. We also tried to make several purchases and found the shops were closed although they had been advertised as open. Australians are laid-back but not this laid-back LOL.
  Valencia is a good mix of modern and older buildings and we passed the bullfighting ring but none were on at the time luckily. I also finally managed to find a patchwork shop open and with the help of another Spanish customer, who spoke English, I was able to buy some more fabric for my La Passion hexagon quilt. I was also pleasantly surprised to find patterns and kits by Australian quilters, Gail Pan's stitchery patterns and kits by Sue Daley of Patchwork for Busy Fingers.
The internet is finally fast enough to load some photos so I'll do a few updates for you.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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