Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Going Back In Time In Bayeux, France

Around every corner in this charming town it feels like we have stepped back in time.
One of the very old buildings here which were undamaged during WW2.
Time for a little stitching in between visits to the museums.
Bayeux's spectacular gothic cathedral.
A lovely old water mill which is now a shop.
The museum where the Bayeux tapestry is on display.

This is our charming Guesthouse in Bayeux.
 We stopped in Bayeux for two nights to see the Bayeux Tapestry and also to take a day tour of the WW2 Normandy beach sites. Next stop is Tours.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Every Stitch said...

So much beauty - it looks wonderful! Hope you liked the Bayeux tapestry :)

margaret said...

this looks like a delightful place to visit, good to see you have time for your hexies!