Sunday, March 16, 2014

Measuring, Sewing and Back to Work.

I had a fabulous time at our Applique Exhibition on the weekend and I'll share my photos very soon but I have night shift to get through again before I'll get much time of the computer.
 In the meantime I have to keep pushing ahead with my next finish as I have to hand this quilt in on March 30th and I have about a week of nights to work as well so lots of sleeping will be occurring- at least I hope so.

 This is my version of Elizabeth's Legacy with a modern twist as I'm using modern fabrics of Australian flowers. I spent all afternoon making the next lot of borders and they are too big for the quilt as it currently measures. I've checked and checked my measurements and it doesn't work. It is probably my fault but I'm going to have to make some alterations to make it work. It's frustrating when you are under time pressure to have trouble with measurements but I'm regarding this as a design opportunity! It won't be as large as my Mrs Williams quilt so hopefully it will be quicker to quilt too. I won't get time to sew again until the end of the week so I plan to have worked out a solution by then.
   In the meantime I seem to have started another quilt! I have some Robyn Pandolph jelly rolls and have started making hexagon flowers with them. I'll share more details soon. I was preping the pieces over paper while sitting and selling raffle tickets at our exhibition and it was surprising how many people came over to ask about them. I may have introduced some more people to my addition/ passion! That's a good thing isn't it?
Hugs, Jan Mac

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margaret said...

what a blow the pieces are too big especially as you have not got a lot of time. My daughter has just started her stint on night =s at the local hospice, she finds it so tiring, seems to sleep far more when on night duty. Hexies looking good, I love doing them as find it so relaxing.