Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Hexagon Insanity

 There's been no time for quilting on my sewing machine so I've been preparing hexagons for some hand stitching. I've been mindful of the need to have some small pieces to take with us on our upcoming trip too. I have therefore started preparing hexagons which are 1/2 an inch in size. I have a nice little container of them already for stitching when a few moments of time allow.
 You can see the very large difference between the new hexagons and my last hexagon quilt.
 I showed this hexagon quilt at my last quilt meeting and it was surprising how many quilters came over to check it out.
 I was also stitching these 1" hexagons at our Exhibition last weekend and many ladies who are beginning quilters also came over to check them out and talk about how to join them without showing the stitching. One lady was so keen after our chat that she said she didn't want to see the exhibition now but just wanted to get home and starting stitching! I do hope she enjoys her new journey with hexagon stitching.
 I am currently working on these two hexagon projects- with half inch hexagons for one project and 1" hexagons for the other. I've also used my Go Cutter to easily cut more paper pieces in the 1" size. It's a shame that they haven't put out a cutting die for the half inch size as I will need so many more of them.
So that's what's been happening in my little part of the world- plenty of hexagon stitching and much more to come. In the meantime I'll be having some early nights to catch up on my sleep too.
Hugs, Jan Mac


marijke Kleefman-Sandee said...

Hai Jan ,your bussy with all those thing it looks good.,do you think you have a lot time to work on this while your on holiday ?
There is so much to see.

Anonymous said...


( there is a 1/2" hexagon die ) I picked up the 1" size to start with, now I just need to finish off some projects before I can start a new one. I love your hexagon quilts. Helen

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Lovely to see the fabric you purchased last weekend at Threadbare being made up into the hexies. It was lovely to meet you at the CAG exhibition and to chat about the CCCQ.

mari paz said...

seguro que queda el trabajo muy bonito tambien con esos más pequeños.
Un beso

margaret said...

like you I am gathering a collection of hexies, I am working with 1" ones, any smaller too fiddly for me. I cut the card on my sizzix machine but have to admit to wasting a bit of fabric as I cut rectangles which makes live easier.Are you doing the hexie BOM challenge?