Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend Projects

I am happy to report that I finished off another QAYG quilt from donated blocks yesterday as well as quilting 3 more donated tops. Check out my other blog to see the completed quilts.Unfortunately I also had a small metal part break from my 30 year old sewing machine and I'm not sure I can get it repaired. The bobbin seems to be sitting crookedly and the timing is off but I think that this may be the end of the road for my old work horse. It's a shame because I know this machine so well that I love using it. I can trouble shoot any problems and between DH and myself we've been able to service it for many years.
  Luckily I had a newer sewing machine which I can use but I was reluctant to use it on the QAYG blocks as they can require some heavy duty sewing if the batting is thick in places. I do trim the batting back from the seams but it's still harder on the machine than normal stitching. I decided that it was time to try the new machine and it handled it well so far.
  Today I finished off binding the 3 quilt tops I'd quilted yesterday as well as making yoghurt, a chocolate slice (to use up biscuits that no one wanted to eat) as well as an egg and bacon pie and a lemon cheesecake. It must have been my day for cooking while the day was cold and overcast. I'm back on night shifts tomorrow for a few days so I'm hoping to make a baby quilt for a gift before I return to bed again.
 I hope you all had time for some fun projects this weekend.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Merilyn said...

My goodness Jan!!! You are a bit of a workhorse yourself, just reading your schedule makes me dizzyLOL!!! and you do nightduty as well.....
What a shame to hear that your 30yr old machine has a broken piece, I wouldn't completely give up on it, if it was a popular model you could find that piece. Ebay is a good place to search, sellers often offer machine pieces for sale,(they cannablise old machines and sell the parts) even if you made contact with one or two of them and let them know what you need you just never know you could strike it lucky! I wish you the best!

Jan Mac said...

Thanks Merilyn. I'll have to wait to see which part has broken off and then see if I can track a replacement. Hugs, jan

Maria said...

You certainly achieved a lot on the weekend, Jan! I know what you mean about your old elderly Elna is like that; we 'know' each other so well!!! 'Miss Quite New Janome' often sits unused while I use my old one!