Monday, June 27, 2011

A Huge Weight Gone

Not much sewing was done today as the sun was shining and spring cleaning was taking place. My father is having eye surgery tomorrow and coming to stay for a few days so it was a good opportunity to have a good clean-out of a bedroom for him. That meant moving a pile of quilts which are ready to post and then I decided to give the room a deep-clean and remove anything we no longer needed.
We had a huge TV which we weren't using so I rang a couple of refuges to see if we could donate it. It was too large to give to someone if they were going to be moving often but would be ideal for a refuge. Luckily one of them was very happy to accept it for their refuge for teens and young adults. The refuge is located near us and 10 minutes later it was gone.
It was a huge weight gone from us as it took up far too much room in a bedroom and wasn't being used and they were very happy to have it for their clients.
I did manage to finish off a QAYG quilt shown on my other blog and the lovely Kaite Matilda from NSW has been very busy and sent another 2 lovely warm beanies.
I may not get much time for sewing for the next few days but will be working on knitting etc in the meantime.
Hugs Jan Mac


willywagtail said...

Love it when something big leaves the house and a TV definitely fits that bill. My youngest was bragging the other day that she has never had a new TV so I also know how helpful it is to get someone elses toss out. Cherrie

kaiteM said...

It certainly feels good to move large unwanted objects from one's life, i've done a bit of that recently too.
I was very impressed with the yarn i used for those beanies, it was Cleckheaton Tartan, tho i would have called it tweed as it knitted up into a lovely soft tweed effect. A good one to remember for future, soft, warm and nice muted colours.
All the best for Dad's eye op.

Maria said...

I am amazed that they took the TV. Over the last 3 years and just as many moves and downsizing, I have enquired with charities and lots of other places about picking up a large working TV. All said NO, nothing electrical. And now nothing that is not digital ready!! Unfortunately it is just about to go to the tip