Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Helping the Homeless

It's been a very busy and productive time here as I'm working my way through the pile of donated QAYG blocks and getting more quilts finished. I've made 5 quilts over the past two days and should get another one finished tonight. Now that the feedback has been that the quilts, blankets and warm garments are in big demand it's been great to have time to get more finished.
I've just heard about another group which helps to find housing for the homeless and then find work etc for them as well as long term accommodation, so many of these quilts will be going to this group to help them warm their clients.
I've also been receiving more beautifully knitted beanies and they will also be going to groups which work with the homeless. Jenni S. (Vic) has continued to knit beanies to be donated and sent another 4 in her last parcel. They are really lovely and soft and will make life a little easier for those who receive them.
Thank you all for your help with these projects.
Hugs, Jan Mac

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