Thursday, June 16, 2011

Can You Help Please?

This is just a short note to ask advice about how to raise money for costs of sending quilts for Oz Comfort Quilts as well as a way to raise money for costs of toiletries etc. for the homeless.
I am hoping someone can help me to know how I can raise money via the blog.
I was going to add a Donate button which will direct any donations via Paypal but I didn't proceed as I heard that Paypal can freeze the money if you aren't a registered non-profit organization and you need to raise $250 before you can access any funds.
I only want to set up a donate button so that people can just donate their change or small amounts as this would be a huge help and these small amounts would add up to enough to cover postage costs of quilts to places such as Christchurch. It costs about $14 per quilt and this doesn't sound like much but when I send so many quilts it certainly adds up.
I don't like to ask for money normally as people have already spent money in sending the QAYG blocks etc but as I fund all the other costs, apart from donations, it can become an expensive process.
Any advice re Paypal or whether or not I should just provide my bank details via email for direct payment into a special account, would be very helpful.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Lynne said...

One possible way is to have those who wish to do so send stamps with their quilt blocks. Or people could just send unused stamps separate from quilts.

Another is to "monetise" your blog. Simply put, advertisers (whom you choose) use your blog to reach your readers and you get paid if someone buys.

A third way is to set up a separate bank account: people can then donate directly. But ... you would have to be willing to put the details on the blog (which anyone can see)! Or you could have people email you for the details - that way you'd have a record of who got them; that would, of course, deter some people from donating.

Keep up the good work.

kaiteM said...

I've posted my response to this on your other blog. Hope you find something that suits you.