Thursday, May 12, 2011

More Sub-contracting

I am so very grateful for all your generous donations which have allowed us to help so many people. I received a letter of thanks for the quilts from a group in Qld as well as from Rochester in Vic. Our weather is getting much colder now and we had to light our fire for the first time this year and I'm very grateful to have a warm home, especially as we have been having heavy rain today. I can;t even imagine how terrible it would be to look after your family while you are homeless and the statistics show that many people are just one pay cheque away from becoming homeless, if they lose their jobs. The people who have been distributing donated goods to the homeless have said that there are many people who are homeless for the first time and many are homeless due to the floods.
I received more beautiful donations of crocheted blankets and draw string bags from Margo Barber (Tas) and she also sent 2 beautiful quilts which will be shown on my other blog. I also received a very large box containing a quilt and a large stack of QAYG blocks from Vireya Jacquard. She has been very busy working with the Sussex neighbourhood house and the Moreland City Council (Vic) as well as a Multi-cultural Women's sewing group from the Brunswick Baptist church to make a huge number of blocks again.
I also received 5 parcels from Maureen Hume and the Camberley U3A Patchwork Quilters from the UK and they have sent 2 lovely quilts as well as 2 lovely quilt tops, backing and bindings. Maureen read about the quilt appeal in the UK magazine Popular Patchwork and the quilts are wonderful and will be shown on my other blog.
I also received a letter containing fabric strips for more QAYG blocks from Fran Smith of Canada and a large parcel of fabric for bindings from Maria Goodwin of Qld.
I also sub-contracted again by sending Cat in New Zealand 5 quilt tops which she is quilting and donating to Christchurch. She received some backing fabric and batting and very kindly offered to quilt the tops which was a big save on postage for me. Please check out the quilts on Cat's blog as she has done a lovely job with them, despite having the flu.
Hearing about the great need for warm garments and blankets/quilts has encouraged me to keep working to get more finished so I haven't taken any time to work on my project this week and will have to make some time very soon, although as my project is a "nice to have done" and not a "will keep someone warm quilt" it is hard to put aside the more urgent quilts.
Time for bed,
Hugs, Jan Mac

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