Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Bits and Pieces

I was given some 4" squares cut from flannel shirts and have started piecing them into 9 patches and then using them for the backings for more QAYG blocks. They will be lovely and cuddly and will keep someone warm if they are homeless. They will make some more lovely quilts for the homeless and I'm also using up more string sized scraps to make more larger QAYG blocks to match some that have been donated.
I can't see any improvement in the amount of scraps yet though so I'd better keep at it. Surely eventually I'll make a difference.
Hugs Jan Mac


kaite said...

great idea for the flannelette pieces, they look good together, and more importantly - familiar and homely, comfie.

Merilyn said...

I love the idea of using old flannelette shirt fabric! it would certainly add to the warmth!!!

Maria said...

Jan you have very dangerously gotten me intrigued and a little bit hooked on these beautiful quilts you make. Any suggestions for a complete novice? I do like having a reference around, so maybe a book or magazine