Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bits and Pieces

I've been working on some bits and pieces as well as trying to sort things in my sewing room. I received these lovely fleecy pillows from Jan Massey (WA) and I've been using up the cuttings of batting to stuff pillows for them. They will be wonderful for teenaged boys and a lovely and cuddly. I've also been using up scraps for more QAYG blocks which I'm making for the homeless connect day to be held in Ipswich (Qld) in June. Many of the people who are now homeless have been displaced from theior homes by the floods and have been unable to find rental accommodation now so I know they will need and appreciate more quilts. I've been busy packing boxes with quilts for Qld as well as putting more quilts aside for Rochester in Vic. I've also been using some orphan blocks for either the front or backs of QAYG blocks and they are a great way to use up blocks that don't match up with other blocks.
The last photo shows a 1940s star quilt top that I'm quilting. I love to finish off other people's UFOs and make them into something useful and this is one of the vintage tops I bought some years ago. I took the afternoon off from the Comfort quilts and have been working on quilting this top. I plan to finish it tomorrow and then will show a photo when it's bound. I have more QAYG quilts on the go too so will soon have more to show on my other blog.
In the meantime I'm crocheting another blanket from more bits and pieces of yarn and taking a break from the sewing machine tonight.
Hugs, Jan Mac


Mary-anne said...

Hi Jan,
I have a stack of red "supermarket bags" if they are any good to you to put quilts in. They are like green bags, they were going to be tossed out at my new school

Jan Mac said...

They would be wonderful Mary-anne as the homeless are in need of bags to keep their quilts and blankets in.
Many thanks, Jan Mac