Tuesday, March 1, 2011

QAYG from Popular Patchwork Readers

I've received two large boxes of QAYG blocks from the UK. Tess Howe sent 105 QAYG blocks as well as binding strips and they will make some wonderful quilts.
Tess sent them on behalf of the readers of the UK quilting magazine- Popular Patchwork. They very kindly ran an article and gave information on their forum about Oz Comfort Quilts and the quilt appeal for Qld.
Many quilters from across the UK have made and sent blocks to Tess and she sent them on behalf of her online UK friends.
Thank you so much for getting the word out about this quilt appeal. The shipment of quilts is on it's way to Emerald and I'm now working on a shipment to Christchurch in New Zealand.
Cat from NZ is helping me to get the quilts distributed through local groups which are working with families devastated by the earthquake.
I've included information about what they are seeking here:

There are 46 groups in Christchurch - Mainly Music co-ordinators hope for each family if not each child to receive a trauma comfort pack which will include but is not limited to :- a quilt, a lullaby music cd, an activity trauma book for children and adults to talk through their feelings and for the groups in the hardest hit areas clothing etc. For new Mums or pregnant Mums they hope to include baby clothes, soft toys also along with the quilts. The value of the packs (NOT including the quilt) is $30 NZD.
So whilst Red Cross is asking for money - Mainly Music is incredibly grateful for the quilts!
Thank you Cat and my blog readers for helping to make this quilt appeal work to get quilts to where they are needed.
Many, many thanks, Jan Mac


Catherine said...

Jan I have a contact in LONDON who is happy to co-ordinate from there and fully assemble quilts and has shipping sorted to NZ. Fiona can be contacted on footonthetreadle@gmail.com

kaite said...

so that would be children's quilt blocks or quilts that are required then Jan?

Gracy said...

Jan, you are lucky that you can get this opportunity to do something for the sake of humanity. It is really helpful for the needed ones. I hope you will do it and give your good services on the same. Great job Jan.