Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Donations and Finishes

The first quilt was made and donated by Vireya Jacquard and the Sussex Neighbourhood House in Coburg (Vic) and they also sent a large box of QAYG blocks as well as binding. They are so colourful that they will be sure to bring a smile to the face of the people who receive them as a quilt.
The back of this QAYG quilt was so pretty that I just had to share a photo of that as well.
The next apple quilt was a top donated by the Kyvalley Quilters (Vic) and I quilted it today so it will go in the shipment to Christchurch which I'm dropping off today. The last photo shows some of the beanies I've been knitting and they are also on their way to Christchurch. I have 18 quilts on their way to Cat of Catalina's Cottage and she will pass them on to an organization which will distribute them in Christchurch. There are 8 boxes on their way to Cat thanks to her generous friends for their help with shipping. The other boxes contain knitted garments, baby clothes, soft toys as they are in demand too as well as some school supplies. When I get back from Melbourne I will get busy finishing off more quilts for Christchurch as well as more for Emerald in Qld. I have a pile of QAYG blocks to put together so I'll be busy working with them as well as quilting donated tops.
Many thanks for all your generous donations. Hugs Jan Mac


Maria said...

They are all wonderful and I am sure Cat will be thrilled as will the recipiants.

Maria said...


jacaranda said...

So far I have 5 beanies knitted and ready to stitch up for you. I hope you don't mind that they are plain with no stripes.
Cheers Jenni

amandajg said...

Hi Jan
After reading your tutorial about putting the blocks together I am not quite clear on a couple of points. How many cuts across the width do you need for all the binding? Do you end up with wee lumps where the corners meet? I am currently making masculine blocks to make a QAYG quilt for Christchurch, and I can see that making the blocks takes way more time than putting together would take!

Jan Mac said...

Hi Amanda,
I cut 21 strips across the width of fabric which is enough to join and bind 35 squares into a quilt. depending on the density of the batting, I often trim a triangle off each of the corners to reduce the bulk where the blocks join. Also I often alternate the blocks with thicker and thinner batting.
Mostly they lie flat if I trim the batting enough.
Hope this helps. Hugs Jan Mac