Thursday, March 3, 2011

Earthquake and Flood Relief

I've volunteered to co-ordinate making and sending quilts to Christchurch and now that I've sent a shipment to Emerald (Qld) the next shipment will be going to NZ.
Theses beautiful heart blocks came from a group of quilters in Belgium and will make some lovely heart-felt hugs for the people.
I also received a large bag of knitting yarn from Jan Stokes in Sth Australia. Ann-Maree Riley sent a lovely large box of bits and pieces including some UFOs which will be finished and donated. The last large box came from NZ from Bev Johnson of the Quilter's Patch and the Cambridge and TeAwamutu quilters who sent many QAYG blocks.
Thank you all for your generous support. I'm off to work now so I'll email individually later.
Hugs Jan Mac

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