Monday, March 21, 2011

Donations for Qld, Vic and Christchurch

Life is busy here so I've been a bit late in getting all the donations photographed and on the blog so please bear with me while I work my way through the piles LOL.
The donations have been really wonderful and will make so many people warm and happy with their quilts.
Maria Wilson and Linda Moore (WA) sent over two large parcels, one for Christchurch (NZ) and the other for the Flood Quilt Appeal. They sent 2 quilts as well as a set of QAYG blocks for NZ and 1 quilt, 2 sets of QAYG blocks as well as some lovely baby wool for the flood appeal. You've both been very productive and the quilts and blocks are beautiful. Petra McLennan (Vic) also sent 2 large parcels and she has been very busy with making 2 quilts, 2 tops and backing, 4 sets of binding strips and fabric for another backing. Petra your generous donations will really bring a smile to many people affected by the floods.
Julie Lawrenson-Wood (UK) sent a fabulous QAYG quilt too. The photos of the quilts are on my other blog.
Merilyn Francis (NSW) sent a lovely set of QAYG blocks for Chch and they will be made into a quilt and on their way to Cat very soon.
There was another huge box from Mary Metcalf and the New Zealander quilters. The Coffee and Cake Quilters: Margaret Brookes sent 26 QAYG blocks, Maurenn Douglas sent 24 QAYG blocks and Sue Gilmore sent the lovely 8 Stack and Slash blocks in florals. The Fat Quarter Quilters, Patricia and Nicky, sent 20 QAYG blocks and Carole Whittington sent a lovely crocheted blanket and Addrienne Berry sent 2 lovely knitted beanies. Mary really managed to stuff the box full and the items will be going to Qld and Vic for the flood victims.

Anne Brennan and the Friday Girls from Morwell (Vic) sent another lovely 73 QAYG blocks and Jo-Anne Dick (Tas) sent 3 lovely quilts. Brigitta Andtbacka (Finland) sent 6 lovely QAYG blocks and the Australian customs had opened the parcel and cleared it for delivery. They must have been wondering what was the purpose of sending the quilt blocks LOL.
Grace Stewart (ACT) sent a lovely selection of orphan blocks and they will all be used even if they are used for the backs of the blocks, if the colours don't go with anything else I have on hand, and they will make the backings very pretty too. Susan Doherty (WA) sent 2 lovely QAYG blocks and Kelly Hamlyn-Harris (Vic) sent another set of prepped bindings.
Margie Wallis (NSW) also sent another large quilt which is shown on the other blog.
That's the lot for today and now I need to get busy again finishing off quilts. I managed to finish 3 yesterday as well as quilting 2 tops and some vacuuming so I slept well last night. Today will be spent on more QAYG quilts as well as binding the quilted tops.
Thank you all so much for your generous donations which will help so many.
I'm also going to be working on some quilts for Japan soon as their need will also be great. Luckily I love what I do.
Hugs Jan Mac


Ruth said...

So many beautiful pieces of work. i hope you have enough room for placing it in your house i transit to it's next homes. Cherrie

Maria said...

Oh Jan what a great butch of ladies to send you lots of quilts blocks etc.
Only wish I lived closer and could give you a hand.

Kate said...

Oh Jan, I do love reading your posts - your energy is so infectious!!! I wish we could see one giant picture of all the happy faces your quilts have snuggled... what great work you do, and the joy you find in doing it is a lovely thing to behold.