Sunday, March 20, 2011

Back from our Break

We had a lovely time camping and making new friends with the wildlife. We travelled from the NSW/Vic border down to the Snowy River, Buchan caves and then to Mallacoota on the NSW/Vic border and then back along the coast to Wilson's Prom and Phillip Island. A lot of land to cover in 6 days and we moved on every day so it's good to be back home again and not packing up our camper every day.
It was terrible to hear about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and the resultant loss of life. It seems like we are just lurching from one disaster to another on the world stage. What can we do but quilt and try to bring some comfort to others worse off than we are here. We've been lucky to avoid floods since the last one in Sept last year and hopefully our luck will hold.
We had a wonderful trip but I've been busy getting more quilts finished as soon as I unpacked. I'll show the parcels which have arrived in the last week as soon as I pick them up from the post office tomorrow.
I hope you enjoy my holiday snaps and keep the earthquake survivors of Japan and New Zealand, and the flood survivors of Qld and Vic in your thoughts and prayers while they face the challenges ahead. I didn't quilt while I was away but I did crochet and have almost finished a single bed blanket and have knitted some hats which I'll show off later.
Take care and thanks for stopping by.
Hugs Jan Mac


Maria said...

So pleased to see you had a nice break.

Ruth said...

Your photos ar so perfectly Autralian. I love them. Cherrie