Saturday, October 9, 2010

Quilts Finished

I'll post more photos on my other blog for donation quilts at but here you can see a QAYG quilt I finished this week. The other photo is of a pieced back which someone generously donated which gave me a gift of time to get more quilts finished instead of piecing backs.
I must count up how many QAYG quilts I've put together as there have been many, many sets of blocks donated and they did make some fabulous quilts. I still have a small pile to work with and will get them done ASAP.
Luckily I never tire of them and they all look different with the varied fabrics featured in them.
Also want to say a big thank you to everyone who leaves a message on my comments page. Thankfully I haven't had any spam messages lately which gives me more time for quilting. I received a lovely message a little while ago, I think from Alison, but I accidentally deleted it instead of publishing it so if I deleted your message I'm sorry. I hope Sheila is recovering well from her accident and I thank you for your kind words which encourages me to blog more often.
I have some clothes to sew for my upcoming trip to the US so I must get back to the sewing machine. I sewed on bindings for 3 quilts today and will post the photos later.
Hugs Jan Mac

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kaite said...

Jan there is an old fashioned term - wishing you God speed, i think it applies to you here. k.