Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Back From Bathurst

We had a fabulous time at Bathurst for the Southern Cross Quilter's Retreat. It was lovely to catch up with friends and make new ones. The first photo is of my lovely friend Anne, standing next to a "pair of shoes" in Jugiong, NSW.
They are pear shapes made from horse shoes and are very cleverly made. Jugiong is a tiny town just off the freeway and they are doing a great job of keeping their town alive.
We stopped there for lunch and had a browse through their craft shop as well.
Then we met up with the lovely ladies shown with me in the other photo. Kaite and her Mum, Coralie, have been wonderful supporters of the bush fire quilt appeal and as we were visiting their town it was a good chance to meet up over a cuppa. When they heard we were coming to Bathurst they quickly made up some rice bags for East Timor and I've brought them back with me for the next shipment.
Now I'm trying to get things packed for the next shipment to Timor and I picked up more boxes of donations yesterday. I've been asked to work today so I'll have to report more on my travels and quilty events tomorrow.
Just a hello to Rose here as I don't have her email address. Yes we sat next to each other in Chris's class at Dookie. I was just in front of you and you've been very busy to get the quilt top almost finished. I plan to finish mine off as soon as I send off more quilts for Timor.
Hugs Jan Mac

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Kaite said...

hi Jan, glad you had a good time up here...k.