Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Important for Me to Know...

how I like to function as a quilter. I love buying magazines and often just browse through them, not even reading all the articles. I also have found that I don't use the patterns and usually take a photo for inspiration and make up my own pattern. Actually I think I've only ever made one thing from a magazine and that was a bag.
I have cancelled 2 subscriptions about a year ago and now I'm ready to cease another subscription. It's not that there's anything wrong with the magazines, but as I've been quilting since 1978, I find that many of the patterns are too simple or the articles are repetitive. I particularly noticed this as I spent today going through my magazine collection. I have far too many and they are taking up too much space. It would be worth giving them shelf space if I referred to them frequently but if I browse at all it's usually with books of antique quilts. I started thinning out my magazines a couple of years ago and used to tear out anything I thought I'd want to refer to again. Then I would file these pretty pictures and patterns in folders which may as well have been trash bins as I rarely looked at them again. I found that the same thing happened with patterns I downloaded and printed from the internet. I filed them and never looked at them again. It was easier to seek them again online and often there was also something else that sparked my interest more.
So today I spent a couple of hours going through my magazines and found that I saved very few pages of interest. I do like to cut and paste photos into a scrap book for quilts that interest me and I will continue to do that.
I think it's just a matter of finally knowing how I work and reducing some of the clutter that gets in the way of my progress. I know that my tastes in quilts will change but that's OK as they are always bringing out new magazines and books to tempt me.

I also plan to thin out my kits and patterns and will post about them soon.
Yesterday I managed to make another 2 sunflower blocks and I'm liking how they look. I'm working on being as accurate as possible and it's been good to practise my piecing skills.
Bye for now, Jan Mac


Maria said...

Yes I agree with you Jan. Just collect too many mags.

Love your sunflowers.

Kaite said...

yes i agree, a little bit of de-cluttering once in a while is so refreshing. K.

Lizzie said...

I know exactly what you mean about the magazines!! I have just given all my old patchwork magazines (over 400 in total) to the local Community House. They have a free lending library for members so I know that they will be well used......

mkhquilts said...

Those sunflower blocks are beautiful! They look like they are a challenge!
Mary H

Anonymous said...

Hello, we all donate our used magazines to our local guild. They in turn sell them back to the membership for a quarter. This raises monies to help support the guild. Very fun and it is an excellent way to recycle.