Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Progress

I didn't get any more quilts finished as we had visitors but I did manage to crochet a string bag which I expected to be bigger and I'm weighing it down with a couple of cans to stretch it. I finished off 2 baby jackets and made a soft fleecy blanket for a child, using scraps of polar fleece so I guess that's some progress.
Tomorrow we're off to Kinglake again to deliver more quilts and craft items which have been donated and then I'm back on night shift again for the week so I won't get much sewing done but I hope to finish off more baby items I'm knitting as I have another box of baby items to post off to Pine Ridge.
I also plan to make more bags from the curtain fabric I've found and these will make ideal shopping or diaper bags. I've been asked about a pattern and I really just make them according to how much fabric I have. If you Google cloth tote bags there are many, many patterns to choose from and most have diagrams and photos. We use Google for any instructions we need and haven't been disappointed yet. DH even Googled for instructions on how to carry out some repairs on the car as well as a recipe for scones. We are having a camp bake-off at Easter when we camp with friends and he thought scones should have salt in them and I didn't. The jury is still out on the final decision and we need more practice with cooking them perfectly in a camp oven on the coals of the fire. We always have fun when camping and last year's bread making competition was hilarious.
Hugs Jan Mac


Kaite said...

hi Jan, i've been wondering what the Pine Ridge connection is about so i googled it and found out. Sounds like a very worthwhile cause, good on you for supporting them. Have you been doing it for a while? Are you coming to Bathurst soon with SCQ? hugz, Kaite

Anonymous said...

Hey Jan,

Love the little baby clothes. They are just too cute and what a wonderful cause. Our guild donates 40-60 lap quilts for the children's shelter every month. Sometimes that is not enough, it just breaks my heart. Well back to sewing.