Thursday, February 25, 2010

Working, working...

Paid work has taken lots of my time this week and I've only made 6 pillowcases and knitted 3 hats and a baby jacket. I also quilted a donated top and these will all go to Pine Ridge Reservation.
I've started another baby jacket as well and I have more night shifts to work for the next week so there won't be as much quilting happening then either. I did manage to get some more quilts finished but no photos yet so I'll post more later.
The pillowcases are made from very cute fabric and the purple fabric with hippos was my favourite and I think they'll make some kids in foster care very happy with their own pillowcase to keep. Hugs Jan Mac


Maria said...

How do you do it Jan. I love to knit but it takes all winter to do a baby jacket for the Guardian Chemist thing.
Great work.

Kaite said...

Good work Jan, and a nice quilt. How's your DH? K.