Monday, February 15, 2010

Now Where Was I?

That's right last week passed by as a bit of a blur. I worked night duty and yes I did plan to retire last Sept but they asked me to work casually when I'm not away traveling. So it suits me and will give me some handy money to spend on my travels and quilting.
We had a lovely time on Saturday night, doing a cruise on the Yarra River in Melbourne to celebrate one of my BIL's 60th birthday. There was a lot happening at the time but I think he liked his quilt.
I also have been knitting while watching the Winter Olympics this week and have finished a baby's jacket which will be donated to Timor or Pine Ridge. I also found the perfect fabric for the binding on a quilt top which was donated for Kinglake and that's another one done now. Check my other blog for more photos of quilts for Kinglake. The QAYG quilt was one I put together over the last couple of days too, so I guess I've still been reasonably productive. I've also spent a lot of time online organizing my trip to Houston for this year's Quilt Show in November so I'm getting excited about traveling to the US for the first time. Hugs Jan Mac


Kaite said...

A sweet little baby jacket Jan.

Lori in South Dakota said...

the baby jacket is darling!