Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Quilts

These are the only Christmas quilts I have now and one isn't really Christmassy but it is mostly red. I used to have one for every bed but when some of the Kosovo people were brought out to Australia for 4 or 5 months we befriended an extended family of 27 plus friends. An Aussie internet friend started a quilt drive from our online group, Southern Cross Quilters, to give a quilt to all 4,000 Kosovo people who came out to Australia. The family we befriended were returning to cold winter conditions and were unsure of whether or not their homes had been looted or damaged so I gave them all the red and green quilts I had made for Christmas quilts so they'd have extra bedding. These two are the only ones I've managed to make since then to replace the ones I gave away. I may make more in the future but I'm sure there will always be a need for more quilt donations so I may not keep these either.
It's just another nice way to bless others with our quilts and if they live in areas where they get snow (which we don't) then they will need them for warmth and not just decoration.
Not much time to report on my blogs this week as we've had visitors non-stop and then we had no internet access.
A couple of the family are going camping with friends for the New Year and I'll write when we return in a few days.
See you next year.
Hugs Jan Mac