Monday, November 9, 2009

Parcel From Denmark

I received a lovely parcel of QAYG blocks and a top for the bush fire areas and couldn't believe that it cam all the way from Denmark. A lady in Western Australia wrote an article about the bush fire appeal for a Danish magazine and as a result one of their readers has sent a parcel of blocks to help. The weather has become very hot lately which is far too early for our summer so I'm happy to be working in the air conditioning instead of being outside.
I'm also working night shift which is fine if I can sleep in the hot weather. At least I can sew near a fan as well to stay cool. I went to Melbourne yesterday for my AQA quilters meeting and it was very hot so I was glad to get home again but it was good to catch up with like-minded friends.
Back to the machine. Bye Jan Mac


Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Wonderful donation! But what amazed me the most was the beautifully gift wrapped parcel that survived a mailing trip from Denmark to Oz!!!

In the US, our post office doesn't even like parcel wrapping paper, only boxes, and they throw hissy fits over regular tapes, only want shipping tape. This is so lovely and makes me wish I could mail all of my packages this way!!!

This truly looks like the wonderful gift that is was :)

Linda said...

Jan, did you receive the parcel of two finished quilts that were posted to you from Sydney? Linda

Mary said...

Great - it is wonderful to see the blocks and quilts come in from all over.