Monday, June 8, 2009

What Next?

It's been a trying week with Ray having major surgery and then my brother's home burning down. We under-estimated the degree to which he was affected too as he still had most of his household contents in his home for the tenants to use. We went to see him yesterday and it was a sad day as we've had many happy family gatherings there and have all been involved in the building process at different stages. There's not much he can do now until the insurance process begins.
Ray wasn't well after going over to see the devastation and moving around so much wasn't good for him so he's having a quiet day today and hope that things settle down again. I was intending to make him a red and black QAYG quilt before his surgery as he's a keen Essendon supporter. I'm planning on making him one of blocks set 6 x8 and need to get busy making more blocks. I've been working on bushfire quilts instead. My brother is also a keen Essendon supporter so it looks like I'll have to make another one for him.
I know that we need to learn from life's challenges but the lesson from all of this is yet to come to me. I guess we already knew to value our health and we're hoping that Ray will be able to return to good health again. As for the fire, at the moment I think I need to remember to forgive when people make stupid mistakes. I'm not there yet but I'll try.
Back to putting another QAYG set together to keep me focused on others.
Hugs Jan mac


KaiteM. said...

keep focussed on your quilting and let time do the healing Jan.
big hug to you and Ray, Kaite

Terry said...

Quilting will help you so you can help the others that need you.

Prayers and Hugs
Terry P

Michele's Quilting Journey said...

Breaks my heart to see the photos. Blessings to all. Hang in there during these incredibly challenging times...being there for Ray, your brother and his family and seemingly, all of the Bushfire Families of Australia. You give so very much of yourself. Remember to give to yourself as well, and know how much we admire you, your good works and your amazing strength of character, faith, and fortitude!

craftykat said...

You are really being tested! I am sure things will come out fine - you seem like such a giving person, there must be so much good karma due to you. Best wishes to you and your loved ones from a quilter and Bomber supporter in NZ,