Friday, June 5, 2009

Home Again

We are home from Melbourne after Ray's surgery and slowly picking up the pieces again. The surgery went well but post-op was a bit harder than we thought it would be and he had to stay in hospital longer than expected. He's very weak and tired but will gradually get better and is sleeping a lot. We really appreciate all your prayers, heart hugs and good wishes and feel very blessed to have had so much support.
Some of you have written to my blog with questions and I have been unable to reply as the email address hasn't worked. If you want to ask me a question please email me at so I can respond.
Carol from Kinglake, can you please email me too so I can get in touch about the scarves and quilts for you. I have been getting some lovely donated hats, gloves and scarves and will be taking them down to Kinglake very soon. I did get some hand sewing done while waiting at the hospital and also have managed to knit 3 scarves. Now I'm putting togther a QAYG quilt using blocks for males. I've started making them 6 x 8 or 60"x 80" to cater for the men and older boys.
The photo is of the ferns which have regenerated on our friend's block in Kinglake and remind me that life may have some major hurdles but we can get over them.
Take care
Hugs Jan Mac


KaiteM. said...

I'm so pleased to hear that Ray is doing well again Jan, i can stop holding my breath now! Sleeping is the best healing time, so let him sleep long and deep.
The ferns are a beautiful metaphor - 'phoenix' ferns.
hugs from the heart, Kaite

Kathleen said...

so pleased to hear that ray is have had a lot on your plate and still you sew

thank you for all that you do