Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The First QAYG blocks

The first QAYG blocks arrived from Lyn Wilson in NSW. They are beautiful and are really needed as we're already getting requests for larger quilts for couples and teenaged boys. We need to make a lot of larger quilts so I'm focusing on those at the moment. I have a large quilt I made from donated orphan blocks which just needs the outer border and I plan to quilt that one ASAP and get it delivered. M-A from Bendigo has told me how grateful the recipients are as she puts the donated quilts in a room and allows them to choose which quilts they relate to and I feel that it's important that they can choose as it's one small thing they can do which requires them being in control when they have lost control of their lives in so many other ways. I've also just got a request for quilts for 2 teenaged boys today so I'm off to the sewing machine again.
Hugs Jan Mac

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The LadyBugs Garden said...

I love these. I want to do this soon.You are doing great.